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Therapy of short stature with growth hormone developments 10 years after the introduction of recombinant growth hormone

Developments 10 years after the introduction of recombinant growth hormone


10 years after the introduction of recombinant growth hormone (WH) into the therapy of small children, our experience is increasingly shaped by the analysis of extensive pharmaco-epidemiological observations.

Growth hormone deficiency: These show that the growth hormone deficiency with its various causes and pathogenetic manifestations remains the most common indication for WH. The problems remain in the timely and rational diagnosis and in the optimization and individualization of the therapy to achieve the growth goals from an economic point of view and at the same time therapeutic safety. These problems can now be solved by WH deficiency.

Further indications: It also shows that the short stature in Ullrich-Turner syndrome and in renal insufficiency, for which WH is approved, can be successfully treated. In the case of a large number of other growth disorders, there is the possibility of size improvement in individual cases. In light of today's experience, an individual healing attempt can be put on a rational basis.

Future prospects: In the future, the broad potential of growth hormone will be exploited beyond the indication of short stature.


Recombinant growth hormone (rGH) therapy in the treatment of children with short stature was introduced 10 years ago, and experience has shown that progress in implementing this mode of therapy depends increasingly on analyses of large pharmaco-epidemiological studies. These studies prove that the diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency, whatever the cause or pathogenetic form, is the most frequent indication for GH therapy. The remaining problems are the timely and precise diagnosis, and the best possible and individual therapy aiming at the projected height and taking safety and costs into account. We are closer to solving these problems today than ever before.

Apart from this, the use of GH in treating short stature in Turner syndrome and renal insufficiency has led tienda en llnea to its acceptance as a suitable therapy for these patients. Height improvement in a number of other growth disorders is, in certain cases, also possible through GH therapy. In the light of current experience, GH therapy can thus be attempted on a rational basis in individual cases. This form of treatment clearly holds wider possibilities and its implementation is likely to go beyond short stature in the future.

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